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Welcome T&T Club Parents/Guardians! 

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We are blessed to have your T&T clubbers join us each week!  We hope these T&T club resources are helpful for you to support your clubber in their journey of learning to love and know who loves them most of all.. Jesus! :)

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All New T&T Clubbers have to complete their Start Zone Phamplet and after that is completed they become an Official Club Member and get all of their Official club items! 

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After the clubber finishes their Start Zone then they get their Discovery of Grace Official Club Handbook! 

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Here are the next 2 Handbooks that they finish during their time in our T&T club! 

How does my T&T clubber earn awards for their Handbook?

We copied some other clubs who broke down what the clubber needed to do in each section to make it a little bit easier as there is a lot to each handbook section!!

To complete a handbook section the clubber needs to do the Start Here, Explore and Memorize the Bible Verse. Anything additional that they do is just extra to earn bucks or patches and helps them dig deeper into God's word! 

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Help your clubber(s) learn our Awana Pledges!!  

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