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Welcome Sparky parents & guardians!  We are very blessed to have your Kindergarten - 2nd graders join us at club each week!  We hope this is a helpful resource to help you support your clubber each week in their journey of loving

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All new Sparky's begin in the Flightless pamphlet which basically is helping them learn the bible verse: John 3:16

Here is a John 3:16 song to help your clubber(s) learn this bible verse! 

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After the clubbers finish their Flightless Starter Pamphlet then they are an 'Official Clubber' and receive their first handbook (HangGlider), their Sparky vest and handbag! 

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Here are the next two handbooks that clubbers will finish during their time in Sparky's

Sparky Handbook Verses

Below are the verses for each of the Sparky Handbooks, follow along and help your Sparky memorize their verses so they can be ready to say them to their leader each week at club! 

New Testament Books

Old Testament Books

Psalm 23

Help your clubber(s) learn our Awana Pledges!!  

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